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Red Stripe Beer
Highjack the competition? We say no foul, mon!

The U.S. beer business is dominated by giant brands. And their biggest annual battleground is the SUPERBOWL: the most expensive media property in the world.

How can a tiny Jamaican beer break through the clutter? Take on the giants and win? Our answer: run your “Super Bowl spot” six days in advance and do it on YouTube. Act as the native arbiter of all things Jamaican, specifically a highly controversial Volkswagen spot featuring a regular American white guy speaking in a deep Jamaican accent. Let people know that you’ll render the final verdict during Super Bowl. The result: Red Stripe was a top ten Super Bowl ad: without running a second of time in the game.

How good was our effort? Adam Bain President of Global Revenue at Twitter called our effort the single best use of Twitter during his presentation to the “Techno-Avant Garde” at SXSW.