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Seventh Generation
How do you take a great “Green” brand out of the Red and into the Black?

Since it was founded in 1988, 7th Generation has been committed to making all-natural products that do no harm to the environment, the home or the people who use them. A great mission, but burdened with major issues:

  • Many of their products were, historically, much less effective than their mainstream competition. Lots of trial; low repeat.
  • Worse, new “all natural” competition emerged that was more fashionable and, often, more effective.
  • The founder paid much more attention to the mission than to the bottom line, generating frustration with investors who expected reasonable ROI.

The Solution? It started with new leadership – the former CEO of another great natural brand, Burt’s Bees – committed to create commercial success without betraying the mission.

One of his first acts was to bring in out team to revitalize 7th Generation strategy and communications.

How you may ask?

  • Map corporate strategy
  • Launched new/updated products that really work
  • Communicate to consumers that 7th Gen is not just the beginning of the green movement: it is the state of the art.
  • Use digital media to communicate to the consumer on their terms.

These 7th Gen on-line films hit hard at the negative impact of mainstream big CPG brands that compel consumers to reconsider their current choices and give them better alternatives that serve the health of their family. And the planet.

The result? 7th Generation sales accelerated to $200MM, results so successful that global CPG leader, Unilever, purchased the company for $250MM in 2016 to be their flagship entry into the green space. A stellar example of managing to the “Triple Bottom Line”: good for the consumer, good for the planet, good for the investor.